Our Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program for ihiveLIVE

The Ambassador Program for ihiveLIVE (IAP) is an opportunity for you to promote the benefits of ihiveLIVE to your favourite charity and to work with the charity in engaging their supporters to actively participate on the ihiveLIVE sharing platform, where they can generate revenue for their charity.

An ihiveLIVE Ambassador is a volunteer who believes in the ihiveLIVE concept and in “giving back to their community”.

How it Works

  • Submit a short application form, using the “Apply” button at the bottom of this page.
  • We will discuss the best approach for you to work with your selected charity.  You may already have spoken with them, or they may already be registered with ihiveLIVE, or they may be totally unaware of ihiveLIVE.
  • If you do not have a favourite charity we can decide on a charity that may interest you and does not have an Ambassador assigned to them
  • We will go over the support materials we have created to assist you in this role.  In most instances you will be working closely with the key fundraising person within the charity, who will certainly appreciate your help in ensuring the charity gets the most out of the ihiveLIVE opportunity.

Some of the activities that you would be involved with, may include:

  • Presenting the ihiveLIVE program to the charity
  • Assisting with internal communications about ihiveLIVE
  • Networking within the charity so everyone understands the benefits to the charity offered by ihiveLIVE
  • Use social events organized by the charity to promote ihiveLIVE
  • Organizing your own social gatherings to inform friends and relatives about ihiveLIVE

Read to Get Started?

If the Ambassador Program for ihiveLIVE is something you would like to be a part of please click on the “Apply” button below.

We hope you will join us in “giving back to our community” and helping others.